Unilorin Catchment Area For Admission And ELDS

Unilorin Catchment Area For Admission

The whole university admission thing can be a maze, right? Terms like ‘catchment area’ might leave you scratching your head. What’s the deal, and how does it affect your shot at admission? Well, that’s what we’re getting into today, along with shining a light on another term you need to know—ELDS.

Understanding Unilorin Catchment Area in Admission

Similar to what was explained earlier, the catchment area in Unilorin Admission refers to the geographical region where the university offers preferential treatment to applicants. In simpler terms, if you’re from a catchment area, your chances of admission might be slightly higher compared to applicants from outside that region.

Navigating the university admission process can be perplexing, and terms like ‘catchment area’ often spark confusion. What does it mean, and how does it impact admissions? We’ll unravel these mysteries today, along with shedding light on another significant term—ELDS.

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Every Nigerian university designates specific states as priorities for admission, known as ‘catchment areas. While admission is not exclusive to these areas, students from catchment areas may have a slight advantage. This approach promotes education in those regions and fosters a diverse student population. Unilorin follows suit, and if you hail from one of these states, your admission prospects might shine a bit brighter.

Additionally, there’s ELDS, or ‘Educationally Less Developed States.’ This initiative supports students from states with historically lower educational metrics, aiming to bridge educational gaps across Nigeria.

In this article, we’ll detail Unilorin’s catchment areas and ELDS. Stick around!

Unilorin Catchment Area and Its Impact on Admission

Unilorin upholds a responsibility to ensure diversity. Here’s a breakdown of its catchment areas:

  1. Kebbi
  2. Kwara
  3. Plateau
  4. Nasarawa
  5. Kogi
  6. Zamfara
  7. Sokoto
  8. Benue

Unilorin ELDS for Admission

These are the Educationally Less Developed States in Unilorin:

  1. Niger
  2. Gombe
  3. Bayelsa
  4. Katsina
  5. Bauchi
  6. Ebonyi
  7. Taraba
  8. Nasarawa
  9. Borno
  10. Adamawa
  11. Yobe
  12. Kaduna
  13. Kogi
  14. Benue
  15. Sokoto
  16. Zamfara
  17. Rivers
  18. Jigawa
  19. Kano
  20. Cross River
  21. Plateau
  22. Kebbi
  23. Kwara


Knowing about catchment areas and ELDS can be a game-changer for your Unilorin dreams. It’s about being aware of where you stand while remembering that your hard work and dedication are the real keys to success.

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So, as you gear up for Unilorin, stay informed, stay prepared, and always remember – every big dream kicks off with that first step. Keep pushing, and success will follow!

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